PeaceNexus Foundation

Christian Aid Ireland

May 3, 2018

Christian Aid Ireland (CAI) is an independent entity within the international Christian Aid (CA) federation, which is present in 37 countries. The organisation is known for its focus on accountability and challenging power imbalances, supporting local partner organisations and advocating  to influence policies and donor priorities at the global level. In 2017, PeaceNexus supported CAI to operationalise their new global lead role on violence prevention and peacebuilding for the whole CA federation.

The organisation’s long-term vision for their from Violence to Peace work is ambitious: beyond improving the conflict sensitivity of its programming in conflict-affected contexts, it also wants to build on its current experience to develop a distinct contribution to peacebuilding both locally and at the global policy level. This is the first time in CA’s history that a major thematic area is being coordinated outside of London. In 2017, with PeaceNexus’ support, CAI was able to define and shape its global lead mandate with the highest levels of leadership in CAI and CA. It established clear priorities for country support on conflict sensitive and peacebuilding programming, and is enabling the deepening and expansion of peacebuilding work within the CA federation.

“PeaceNexus’ support has been invaluable for us. As a development and humanitarian actor we know that what we do in conflict settings matters. We have a clear ambition to strengthen our understanding of conflict sensitivity and to contribute to peace, supporting our local partners as best we can to do this. This support from PeacNexus enables us to create space and opportunity to really reflect on how to improve this area of work,. We also had to globally lead on this work from Ireland for the whole organisation, with hugely complex dynamics, at a time when Christian Aid is looking at becoming more decentralised. The support from PeaceNexus has helped us figure out how to do this. The PeaceNexustaff and the consultant support we brought in served asmentors, guiding us and really helping us think through critical, organisational levers of change.”

Karole Balfe, Head of from Violence to Peace, Christian Aid Ireland