PeaceNexus Foundation

Democracy Reporting International

May 2, 2018

Democracy Reporting International (DRI) is a non-governmental organisation headquartered in Berlin/Germany which supports local democratic reform actors to advance political participation of citizens, accountability of state bodies and the development of democratic institutions. DRI currently has six country offices in the MENA region, South Asia and Eastern Europe.

DRI had initially requested PeaceNexus support in 2012, which resulted in a comprehensive organisational development process including structural reforms, an organisational strategy and the establishment of a governing board. A phase of growth and expansion followed.

In 2017, DRI asked PeaceNexus for renewed support to better equip the organisation for the future: by strengthening of the core organisational systems and processes, DRI seeks to free up capacities for strategic thinking, innovating and engaging in public debates on democracy challenges.

In a first step, areas of improvement were identified through an organisational review which DRI conducted internally. The key areas identified for PeaceNexus’ OD investment are monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL), human resources development and internal information management.

The support from Peace Nexus enabled us to dedicate time, effort and some resources towards much needed tasks of organisational development (OD). Peace Nexus’s approach is characterized by a long-term strategic outlook, which allows the organisation to take the lead in identifying areas where reforms are needed, on the one hand, and practical support of PN staff on core issues of OD based on their global comparative expertise.

Finn Heinrich, Director of Programmes