PeaceNexus Foundation

Foundation for Tolerance International

March 2, 2017

Founded in 1998, the Foundation for Tolerance International (FTI)  is currently one of the largest and most experienced NGOs working in conflict prevention and peacebuilding in Central Asia.  Over the years, it has built a strong reputation for its work, especially its efforts in the prevention and non-violent resolution of interethnic conflicts in Kyrgyzstan.  FTI has a long experience on promoting peace education among youth of different age, gender, ethnic and social groups, applying varied approaches including collaborative analysis and problem solving and capacity building.

The collaboration with FTI was launched with a three-day workshop where key members of staff were able to come to a shared understanding of how the organization has evolved over time, how it has both shaped and been shaped by a changing context. The workshop was also an opportunity to explore organisational challenges and identify priorities. Support will focus on the review of the organisational structure to best adapt it to the current context, as well as on developing some key capacities.

“Sometimes it is hard to respond on key needs of big and old organizations which have a lot of desires and wishes. PN’s consultations and support allowed FTI to focus on a real and key internal issue that the organization has.  PN’s OD process helps FTI reflect on its work and make it betterwith respect and understanding. After the first workshop with PN we came up with strong reflection on ourselves, we diagnosed a main cause of our challenges. We are really satisfied with the way PN provides its OD expertise to us. It is a fresh and most practical oriented view on our organization”.

  Tajyka Shabdanova, Program Director