PeaceNexus Foundation

Institut Malien de Recherche Action pour la Paix (Mali)

April 7, 2016
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    Institut Malien de Recherche Action pour la Paix (IMRAP)
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Established in 2013 with the support of Interpeace, the Malian Institute of Research and Action for Peace (IMRAP) has already built a solid reputation in Mali as an impartial organisation conducting high-quality work with a view to establish a culture of inclusive and constructive dialogue in Mali. With the support of an Innovation Grant provided by PeaceNexus, IMRAP is pilot-testing a monitoring and dialogue mechanism around the implementation of the Accord for Peace and Reconciliation in Mali. Currently piloted in the regions of Segou, Gao and in the M’Berra refugee camp, the dialogue project fosters civil society understanding and ownership of the peace process. PeaceNexus has assisted IMRAP in the design of this mechanism that aims at bridging the local and national levels by facilitating interactive feedback loops. Together, PeaceNexus and IMRAP look to mobilise new partners so ensure the sustainability of this initiative.