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L’Association Burkinabè d’Action Communautaire

June 4, 2018

ABAC (the Association Burkinabe d’Action Communautaire) was created in 1987 and officially registered in 1988. It currently supports small producers, farmers and pastoralists, in the Estern, Centre-North and Centre-East regions of Burkina Faso. ABAC sees social cohesion between farmers and pastoralists as a key factor to enable sustainable development in the rural communities of Burkina Faso. ABAC’s approach thus combines its expertise in supporting rural development with its skills in facilitating the prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts at the local level.

ABAC was selected to receive organisational development (OD) support by PeaceNexus’ Board in March 2017. Through an organisational self-assessment facilitated by PeaceNexus in May 2017, the organisation identified a few key challenges affecting its ability to realise its full potential. On that basis, ABAC decided to focus on the following priority objectives as part of the OD process supported by PeaceNexus:

  • Develop an organisational strategic plan and a related resource mobilisation plan;
  • Strengthen internal and external communication and increase ABAC’s visibility, building on its results, experience and lessons learnt.

A consultant supported ABAC in pursuing these objectives, through several workshops which brought together the entire organisation (staff and Board members), and through distance support and coaching. In less than a year, ABAC was able to finalise its 2018-2020 strategic plan. It presented it to partners at a public launch in March 2018. PeaceNexus will continue supporting ABAC through a second phase of OD support, which will focus on its ability to mobilise external support for its work and on strengthening its internal capacities to implement and monitor its new strategy.

ABAC benefits from organisational development support from PeaceNexus. After twelve months of collaboration, the results are encouraging and include the elaboration of a strategic plan, concept notes drafted and discussed with partners, an initial communication plan and some new partnerships established. PeaceNexus’ and the consultant’s professionalism in supporting our team has contributed to getting to these results”.

Daniel Mano, Responsible de programme d’ABAC

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