PeaceNexus Foundation

Life and Peace Institute

December 16, 2011
  • Organisation:
    Life and Peace Institute
  • Where:
    International, headquarters in Sweden

Life and Peace Institute’s (LPI) focuses on community-based peacebuilding approaches and specialises in the Horn of Africa. LPI was one of PeaceNexus’ early partners seeking organisational development (OD) support on developing their influencing skills and a comprehensive advocacy strategy.

Through an OD process that involved both country offices and headquarters in 2011/12, led by a skilled consultant, and included pilot initiatives in Somalia and Sudan, LPI developed a better understanding of its advocacy niche and influencing potential. Subsequently, LPI implemented the jointly identified solutions, for example by creating a dedicated advocacy position.

Today, LPI’s policy and awareness-raising work focuses on key decision-makers and change agents, and it is moving towards a more integrated, coherent and targeted strategy for policy work and awareness-raising to influence both public opinion and political processes on the local, national, regional and international levels – for example through the resourcesLPI publishes regularly.

“PeaceNexus provided very valuable support helping the Life and Peace Institute develop its capacities. The project is best described as successful coaching. It involved a thorough process of internal reflection that helped us assess best practices and methodologies and to develop pilot projects.”

Tore Samuelsson, Communication Director, Life and Peace Institute