PeaceNexus Foundation

Responsible Mining Index

January 16, 2011
  • Organisation:
    The Responsible Mining Foundation
  • Where:
    The Netherlands and Switzerland

The goal of the Responsible Mining Foundation is to encourage mining companies to reduce negative effects on environments and communities, as well as increase their positive contribution to their stakeholders. To this end, the Index aims to highlight leading practices in the mining industry by ranking companies on their environmental, social and governance performance. In 2013 PeaceNexus supported the foundation with two leading experts on conflict-sensitive business and multi-stakeholder dialogue. They helped to conduct a feasibility study and prepare the technical groundwork for the Index’s development.

PeaceNexus supported this initiative to ensure that investors, insuring companies, host governments, sourcing companies and civil society can rely on transparent information when selecting partners from the mining industry. The ranking and its underlying information helps those stakeholders choose  companies with the most positive track records and it leads to the dissemination and uptake of best practices within the mining sector.