PeaceNexus Foundation

Nansen Dialogue Centre

May 2, 2018

Founded in 2000 as part of the Nansen Network in the Western Balkans, the Nansen Dialogue Centre (NDC) Mostar encourages democratic practices and promotes dialogue amongst different ethnic, religious, political and interest groups with the aim of preventing and resolving conflicts. With its hands-on experience of working with divided communities and longer-term projects, NDC has successfully built acceptance and trust amongst local communities, and become one of leading non-government organisations in the field of inter-ethnic dialogue and integrated education in the Herzegovina region.

However, NDC is facing a difficult funding environment, decreasing political support and challenges related to becoming a fully independent CSO after having been a member of a close-knit network before. NDC approached PeaceNexus with the ambition of strengthening its ability to support local peacebuilding processes and getting sufficient external support to do so. In initial meetings, PeaceNexus and NDC staff reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of NDC’s current internal set-up and discussed the implications of NDC’s organisational trajectory.

PeaceNexus will support NDC in developing an organisational strategy and in establishing systems that allow NDC to articulate and communicate its results more effectively. In addition, OD support will allow NDC to enhance its internal organisation and division of roles.

NDC established the cooperation with PeaceNexus in a critical period of its work – in the time where we faced big organisational challenges. This cooperation is still in an early phase, but it is already clear that this is a very useful process. Main issues are diagnosed, the plan for improvement is created and we are conducting first concrete steps in its fulfilment. Thanks to PeaceNexus, we are working together on strategic rethinking and developing tools for monitoring, evaluation and learning.

Elvir Djuliman, Director, NDC Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina