PeaceNexus Foundation

Network for Building Peace

January 20, 2017
  • Organisation:
    Network for Building Peace (Mreza za izgradnju mira)
  • Where:
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Network for Building Peace (Mreza Mira) was founded in 2010. 98 peace and human rights organisations working in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are its members, striving to renew BiH’s social and economic life to enable the society as a whole to deal with differences in a constructive and non-violent way. The Network for Building Peace serves as a platform for the exchange of information among its members and beyond, acts as connecter and convener, helps both funding partners and CSOs to coordinate their work in BiH and promotes peace-relevant issues.

As many other networks, Mreza Mira is dealing with a situation where some members are much more active than others, and expectations and contributions differ vastly. This translates into more active members feeling overwhelmed and at the same time not capable of fully leveraging the network’s capacity as a peacebuilding actor. With OD support from PeaceNexus, Mreza Mira has hired a consultant to help with a mapping and survey of its members. At the General Assembly in spring, the consultant will present the findings of this survey to the network, and support the development of a media strategy.

Since PeaceNexus has started working with Mreza Mira in 2016, first results are expected in spring 2017 only.

Support provided by PeaceNexus helps us in developing and using simple, practical and light-touch coordination mechanisms. With these mechanisms, common political and conflict analyses will be developed and shared across the network with the aim of achieving greater coherence around Mreza Mira’s strategic objectives.”

Aleksandar Zolja, Helsinki Citizens Assembly, Secretariat of Network for Building Peace