PeaceNexus Foundation

Democracy Reporting International

April 16, 2014
  • Organisation:
    Democracy Reporting International
  • Where:
    International, headquarters in Germany

Democracy Reporting International (DRI) is supporting partners in the Middle East, Asia and Europe in constitution-making, electoral reforms, and parliamentary support. DRI requested PeaceNexus’ organisational development (OD) support in 2012, when the organisation experienced quick growth due to the Arab uprising. The aim was to build the organisational structures necessary to implement large, demanding programmes.

Through OD support provided by a competent consultant and tailored advice on specific questions, PeaceNexus Foundation helped DRI to re-structure the organisation, to build a governing board and to develop its strategy and mission statement.

DRI has met all the objectives it had set to achieve through its OD process and has reported that the changes have been sustainable, and that the improvement of the organisational’s management and governance has led to a better performance on the organisational goals.

“PeaceNexus helped us where we most needed it after a period of quick growth: overcome an outdated management model, establish stronger governance, find out if we still knew our mission and understand how all these dots were connected. Peace Nexus’ support was concrete, hands-on and adaptable. It achieved a major impact. DRI is a different, more mature organisation than two years ago. Importantly, they did not stop after recommendations, but also helped us implement them.”

Michael Meyer-Resende, Executive Director, Democracy Reporting International