PeaceNexus Foundation

Peace Brigades International

January 20, 2017
  • Organisation:
    Peace Brigades International (PBI)
  • Where:
    International, headquarters in the UK

Peace Brigades International (PBI) is a non-governmental organization founded in 1981 which protects human rights and promotes non-violent transformation of conflicts. It primarily provides protection, support and recognition to local human rightsdefenders who work in areas of repression and conflict and have requested their support. PBI also facilitates a range of other peace-building initiatives within conflict countries.

PN is partnering with PBI to support their effort to develop a mid- to long-term fundraising diversification strategy. The objective of the process is to enable the organization to successfully access new sources of funding that can ensure its financial sustainability while remaining aligned with its strong values.

In the first phase of the process, a review of PBI’s current fund-raising practices and lessons learned was conducted by external consultants. The report, along with recommendations, was presented to PBI’s governing bodies in November 2016. A number of complementary interventions at different levels of the organisation were approved and will be implemented in the coming months.

Peace Nexus provides what is so much needed by many NGOs but seldom funded by donors: funds to tackle the challenges we face through an organisational development process. They do so not only by providing funds but also guidance, critical feedback and process support, if required and agreed. PBI is grateful for the support and is looking forward to the next steps in this partnership”.

Maik Müller, International Fundraiser, Peace Brigades International