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Peace Direct

December 16, 2011
  • Organisation:
    Peace Direct
  • Where:
    International, headquarters in the UK

Peace Direct supports grassroots organisations on the frontlines of war and conflict, for example by helping local activists to tackle the triggers of violence, by working with local people in conflict zones to defuse tensions, and by rebuilding lives after war has torn communities apart. The organisation specialises in research and advocacy, to ensure that the voices, knowledge and expertise of local peacebuilders are amplified onto the world stage, and the needs of communities suffering because of war are given the attention they deserve.

In 2011, Peace Direct asked PeaceNexus to help them strengthen its organisational capacity of influencing international donors and promoting locally-led peacebuilding. With the help of a consultant, Peace Direct reviewed its advocacy strategy and related to that, two of its partnerships: in South Sudan and Nepal.

Through PeaceNexus Organisational Development support, Peace Direct was able to identify different recommendations regarding advocacy, communications, research and fundraising. Subsequently, Peace Direct crafted a new advocacy agenda and implemented many of the recommendations, including: shaping its communication strategy to match donors’ thematic interests; building a stronger evidence base for its ‘local first’ message; increasing support to its local partners on conflict analysis.

“An invaluable analysis of how we can progress one of our key organisational objectives.”

Carolyn Hayman, Chief Executive Director Peace Direct