PeaceNexus Foundation

South East European Youth Network

January 20, 2017
  • Organisation:
    South East European Youth Network (SEEYN)
  • Where:
    Secretariat in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The South East European Youth Network (SEEYN) is composed of 24 youth organisations across 12 countries and has been a pioneer of regional youth exchange and volunteering since 1999. The network engages youth on peacebuilding and reconciliation and promotes youth employability through capacity-building. SEEYN provides key services (partnership development, trainings) to its members and is one of few networks that practice collaboration across the Balkans on youth inclusion.

Having grown and successfully built new partnerships, SEEYN has identified strategy development at its organisational priority. On the basis of an Organisational Development (OD) support kick-off workshop held with PeaceNexus, it was decided that the purpose of the OD process would be to help SEEYN channel its experience into creating a shared understanding of the network’s future, including in terms of programme areas, internal policies and external positioning.

PeaceNexus is helping SEEYN design an OD process which will serve the objective of developing a strategy that is fully owned by the network’s members and informed by their inputs.   While a consultant will support and facilitate the strategy development with SEEYN, PeaceNexus will remain available to act as a sounding board throughout the process.

Since PeaceNexus has started working with SEEYN in 2016, first results are expected in summer 2017.