PeaceNexus Foundation

Workshop on Best Practices for Organisational Development in the West Africa Region

September 5, 2018

In collaboration with the MAVA Foundation, a Swiss-based conservation organisation, PeaceNexus held a workshop at the Gorée Institute in Dakar, Senegal, on November 21-22 2017. It brought together eleven regional experts to take stock of challenges faced by civil society in the region and cross perspectives on how best to support their organisational change processes.

A frank and constructive exchange took place on the challenges encountered by professional consultants in the region and best practices deployed in their organisational accompaniment. In the ensuing report, readers can find:

  • An overview of key challenges faced by civil society in West Africa and concrete examples of how organisational development can help address them;
  • A synthesis of top dilemma and challenges that consultants accompanying organisational development processes encounter, and options and tips on how to overcome those;
  • A zoom on one particular challenge and how experts can approach it: “how to effectively manage a change process that triggers strong internal resistance and/or tensions?”;
  • A reflection of the different advisory roles that consultants may come to take as part of an accompaniment process, and suggestions on how to use those roles to clarify expectations and roles, and ensure more effective and transparent relations as part of an organisational change process.

Download the full report here