PeaceNexus board members and staff invited 60 collaborators and friends to celebrate our 10th birthday on 28 June, in Prangins, Switzerland.

The joyful occasion was opened by our Chair, Kathleen Cravero, and showed PeaceNexus anniversary video featuring a selection of our regional partners, doing courageous and important work in Kyrgyzstan, Niger, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The spirit of the occasion was one of appreciation. The Executive Director, Catriona Gourlay, commended the creative founding vision — the insight that tailored and targeted advisory services can increase organisational and collective impact. In response, the Founder, Anne Gloor, told the story of the origins of the Foundation and thanked the numerous people that have contributed to our development with their talents, courage and passion for working for social change in complex contexts. A special thanks went to Hansj√∂rg Wyss, co-founder of PeaceNexus, for enabling PeaceNexus to do its work.

The celebrations continued late into the evening with fun, including a personal telling of how it all began from our board member Victor Angelo.