At PeaceNexus, we always strive to improve our services by asking for feedback, and learning from it. For this reason, we commissioned a survey of our 37 partners in April 2018, implemented by Sarah Oswald, a consultant working with Health Poverty Action. To enable partners to respond openly, all answers were fully anonymised and aggregated.

We commissioned the survey to find out:

  • How partners perceive their relationship with PeaceNexus
  • How partners perceive the methodology and approach used by PeaceNexus
  • How partnerships with PeaceNexus change partners’ organisational knowledge, attitudes and beliefs, and practices — including structures, systems, strategy, methodology, staff behaviour etc.
  • If changes in organisational practices have been felt, what positive impact have they had on partners’ peace-building work, if any
  • How PeaceNexus could increase the effectiveness of the services it provides

While results point to the effectiveness of PeaceNexus’ services and demonstrate high levels of appreciation for our approach, they also highlighted areas for improvement. The follow up priorities for developing concrete actions are to:

  • Create a more explicit shared notion of what success would look like and how to track progress and changes
  • Improve the relationships between a partner, its consultant(s) and PeaceNexus through communications and learning initiatives
  • Foster more opportunities for exchange and peer learning among our partners

We are aware of the limitations and in-built biases of an online survey, and it is only one of several instruments we use to monitor results and receive feedback. However, it has provided us with invaluable insights on how we are doing and how we can improve and we are deeply grateful to our partners and the consultant for this. We will repeat the survey in 2019, so we can monitor our performance over time.

Please find the survey results here.