Call for proposals: Engaging youth in social cohesion in Kyrgyzstan

We are welcoming applications from Kyrgyz non-profits and NGOs working on the engagement of young people in the development of the civil identity and social cohesion in Kyrgyzstan.

Young people represent one third of the population in Kyrgyzstan and play an important role in society: they can be drivers of positive change, and also participate in conflicts and violence. Kyrgyzstan was among those countries that ratified the United Nations Security Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security in 2015 that emphasized the importance of youth in the promotion of peace and conflict resolution. The Resolution aims to increase the participation of young people in decision-making processes at local, national, regional and international levels, protect them and prevent violence towards them, support their participation in peace efforts, and involve those affected by armed conflict in disengagement and reintegration through employment and education.

The development of civil identity is one of Kyrgystan’s national policy priorities. The Concept of the Formation of the Civil Identity Kyrgyz Jarany aims to build social cohesion among its citizens through the development of a common civil identity. Since youth represent a significant part of Kyrgyz society, they play a decisive role in the development of social cohesion and civil identity in Kyrgyzstan.

PeaceNexus is calling for proposals from organisations that are working to creatively combine different dimensions of priority areas including social cohesion, peacebuilding, and civil identity development in Kyrgyzstan through the prism of the youth by means of:

    • reducing divisive rhetoric in the media;
    • strengthening connections with their beneficiaries;
    • integrating social cohesion into their programs;
    • building a dialogue with other actors on the political and socioeconomic processes such as government organizations or business to address common peacebuilding challenges.

Interested in applying? The full concept note and application package are available on this link in Russian. For further information in English, access the following link.


Call for proposals: Environment and Peace

Integrating Conflict Sensitivity in Environmental Organisations

We are welcoming applications from international organisations with an environmental, conservation, biodiversity protection or climate-focused mission for support to integrate conflict-sensitive approaches into their operations and organisational systems.

The world is facing an unprecedented environmental crisis: climate change is accelerating faster than anticipated, and a combination of biodiversity loss and pollution increasingly threatens livelihoods, the health of people and entire ecosystems. The impacts of this “triple planetary crisis” are already reflected in increased displacement, food insecurity and more intense natural disasters, and disproportionately affecting vulnerable groups that already struggle with insecurity and conflict.

Environmental organisations are at the forefront of efforts to address the triple planetary crisis. In doing so, they often grapple with conflict issues and face risks to their staff, partners and communities with which they work. However, they also play a critical role in bringing diverse stakeholders together to collaborate on managing, conserving and restoring natural resources, their work also offers powerful entry points to fostering social cohesion and peace.

Over the past years, we have increased our investment in promoting conflict-sensitive conservation and environmental peacebuilding. Based on our experiences to date, we believe that integrating conflict sensitivity across operations and organisational processes can be a game-changer to reach and sustain results for nature, climate and people in conflict-affected contexts. We have extensive expertise in providing support to building organisational capacity for conflict sensitivity, and with this Call are looking to extend it to more environmental organisations.

Selected applicants will receive our process accompaniment and support on various aspects of conflict sensitivity integration, including but not limited to:

    • building staff and partners’ skills on dealing with conflict;
    • piloting new approaches at programme level, notably on stakeholders’ engagement or how to conduct and use conflict analysis;
    • bringing a conflict lens into organisational policies and frameworks, such as environmental and social safeguards;
    • developing guidance and support mechanisms for field teams dealing with conflict; and
    • securing resources for environmental peacebuilding work.

The full concept note and application package are available on this link.

Should you require further information or assistance in translating the call documentation, please reach out to