1. What is this call about?

The Sahel and the West African region in general are confronted with multiple conflict challenges of which the causes and impacts play out at different levels. In response, many actors are contributing with different approaches, be it specifically in the field of peacebuilding, humanitarian and development assistance, risk reduction and adaptation to climate change, environmental protection or support for better natural resource management.

PeaceNexus provides support in organizational development and organizational integration of conflict sensitivity to actors playing key roles at different levels and in different sectors to strengthen social cohesion and peace in West Africa. Through this call for proposals, we hope to select up to four new partners.

    2. What do we offer?

    The selected partners will benefit from a comprehensive accompaniment in the framework of either an Organizational Development process OD-Support Area 1 (page 7) or a Conflict Sensitivity organizational integration process CS-Support Area 2 (page 9).

    Our support package includes strategic and technical guidance from the PeaceNexus team, as well as a financial contribution of between CHF 15,000 and 45,000 for costs related to the change process. This may include:

    • External expertise
    • Direct costs related to the change process such as transportation, workshops, communication, …

    Our support does NOT cover

    • Funding for operational projects
    • Funding for salaries

      3. Who is this call for?

      Our 2023 call for applications is composed of two “Areas of Support” that address different audiences.

      • Support Area 1 is intended for organizations whose primary mandate is peacebuilding and who wish to strengthen their organization and their capacity to act through a process of organizational development (OD-Support Area 1).
      • Support Area 2 is for organizations that, regardless of their mandate, work in a conflict context and wish to systematically integrate conflict sensitivity into their organization and actions (CS-Support Area 2).


      Are you eligible?

      Our call for proposals is open to:

      • Non-profit organizations, associations, networks, agencies, foundations, active at the local/national level and registered in one of our priority countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger, or Senegal ;
      • Structures working at the regional level, defined as being based in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) area, conducting programs in at least 3 countries in this area, at least one of which is in our priority countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger, or Senegal), see details of eligibility criteria in the concept note.)

        4. How to apply?

        Any interested organization should complete the application form for the desired Area of Support and fill out a general information form covering key information about your organisation. To identify the Area of Support that best suits the nature of your organization and your needs, we encourage you to read this concept note carefully.

        This call is closed since March 12, 2023.

        If you have any questions, please contact aliou.kebe@peacenexus.org, and copy info@peacenexus.org

        Only complete applications, written in French or English, will be considered.