As a potentially powerful catalyst for development and social cohesion, the energy transition in fragile states rests on increasing private sector financing. Integrating conflict sensitivity is key to helping investors achieve risk adjusted returns and harness opportunities to support economic and social stability in emerging markets.

Beyond their benefits to both business and society, responsible business practices are increasingly mandatory: as growing demands for greater responsiveness to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns translate into expanded regulatory frameworks, conflict sensitivity is vital for investors and project developers to meet heightened due diligence and reporting requirements for their activities in fragile and conflict affected settings.

Are you an investor or entity involved in the development, construction, and operations of renewable energy projects?

PeaceNexus and the International Growth Centre are facilitating a series of dialogues to provide investors and companies involved in the energy transition with concrete support and guidance to proactively identify and address conflict risks, human rights issues, and social impacts associated with energy transition investments in fragile settings.

The dialogue series will support investors and project developers in undertaking heightened human rights due diligence (hHRDD) on projects in emerging markets, conducting effective investor engagement and/or project planning to address those risks, and integrating conflict sensitivity throughout the project cycle.

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