1. What is this Call about?

Environmental organisations are at the forefront of finding solutions to the triple planetary crisis we face of climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss. In doing so, they grapple with conflict issues and face risks to their staff, partners and communities with which they work. These organisations also have significant experience of bringing diverse stakeholders together to collaborate on managing, conserving and restoring natural resources. In a world where biodiversity and fragility hotspots increasingly overlap, conflict-sensitive approaches can be a game-changer to achieve environmental objectives in conflict contexts. They can help organisations pursue their mission while not inadvertently fuelling tensions and can also strengthen contributions to social cohesion and peace. We have extensive experience in providing support to building organisational capacity for conflict sensitivity, and with this Call are ready to extend it to more environmental organisations.

    2. What are we offering?

    Selected applicants will receive our process accompaniment and a small grant of up to 45,000 CHF to cover external expertise and process costs (for example for meetings, travel, communication).

    Our support may cover various aspects of conflict sensitivity integration, including but not limited to:

    • building staff and partners’ skills on dealing with conflict;
    • piloting new approaches at programme level, notably on stakeholders’ engagement or how to conduct and use conflict analysis;
    • bringing a conflict lens into organisational policies and frameworks, such as environmental and social safeguards;
    • developing guidance and support mechanisms for field teams dealing with conflict;
    • securing resources for environmental peacebuilding work.

    One phase of support lasts about one year. We typically provide our partners with up to two follow-on phases, pending progress.

      3. Are you eligible?

      Applicants need to have:

      • A primary mission related to the environment, including conservation, biodiversity protection, the effective and equitable management of natural resources and/or climate action.
      • International reach, defined as leading programmes in at least five different countries. Country offices within international organisations and networks are welcome to apply as long as they explain how they intend to share learning and incentivise conflict sensitivity uptake in their larger organisational set-up.
      • A footprint in conflict-affected contexts, which may consist of situations of open violence, tensions between divided groups, or a history of conflict.

        4. How to apply?

        Please note that this call is now closed.

        If  you would like to learn more about our approach, you may contact Heloise Heyer, Conflict Sensitivity Lead: heloise.heyer@peacenexus.org.


        Integrating Conflict Sensitivity in Environmental Organisations