On 8 November 2019, we are co-hosting the event: Overcoming the Peace Deficit: mapping public and private funding trends.

During this session at the Geneva Peace WeekCatriona Gourlay, our Executive Director will be speaking to those who are undertaking research in this area and asking whether philanthropy could be doing more for peace.

The session will present public and private funding trends and explore their implications for the field to:

  • Present an in-depth analysis of the philanthropic sector’s motivations to fund or not fund the field
  • Contrast these findings with current public funding trends
  • Explore what these trends mean for the field today


The second event on 8 November is about: The private sector’s role in sustaining peace: how to complement multilateralism with agile multi-stakeholderism?

Our Inclusive Dialogue with Business Lead, Johannes Schreuder is one of the facilitators of this interactive session on the Geneva Peace Week. The event is co-hosted by the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) and the Institute for Economics & Peace.

Contributors to this event:

  • Joachim Monkelbaan, Quaker United Nations Office, Geneva
  • Serge Stroobants, Institute for Economics & Peace, Brussels
  • Victoria Crawford,World Economic Forum, Geneva
  • Johannes Schreuder, PeaceNexus, Geneva

The programme of the Geneva Peace Week is now online. This year’s gathering boasts over 70 events organized by more than 100 partners, all across International Geneva. Join workshops, human libraries, panels, facilitated networking, and more.