In 2014-2015 PeaceNexus supported NIR (The International Council of Swedish Industry) in developing an introductory guide for managers who are about to be deployed to complex or fragile environments. Managers are increasingly versed on corporate responsibility and international social and environmental standards but they often lack the tools to deal with conflict and post-conflict environments. The guide’s objective is to fill this gap and it also serves as the basis for curricula development for companies, business schools and universities.

The introductory guide has become part of the NIR Leadership in Complex Markets Initiative which provides practical advice for company managers on how to do business in a mutually beneficial, responsible and conflict-sensitive way. It builds on a previous NIR publication, Management in Complex Environments. PeaceNexus has also supported the Amani Institute in developing courses drawing on the guide for executive trainings held in Kenya and Brazil.

Apart from the promotion of conflict-sensitive course content, we also help selected NGOs market their services to companies, and we support Partners Global (PDCI) in packaging and marketing its services to the private sector. We also partner with The Forest Trust (TFT) to develop and market leadership retreats through its Earthworm initiative and community relations trainings through its Centre of Social Excellence in Cameroon based on TFT’s extensive experience with global supply chains.