This report, published by our partner the Billital Maroobé Network (RBM) stresses the impact of the security crisis on the pastoralist crisis in the Sahel and West Africa. Based on 1,898 testimonies of pastoralists and other key actors from 7 countries and 23 administrative regions most affected by insecurity, the study offers a unique insight into the root causes of these crises. 

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Based on this thorough research, 3 policy briefs were produced showcasing key take-aways to improve the situation, that you can access here:

  • Policy Brief n°1: Mobilizing Against Communitarisation: A Contributing Factor to Pastoral and Security Crises in the Sahel
  • Policy Brief n°2: Rural and Pastoral Crisis, Security Crises: The Urgent Need to Break the Vicious Circle of Violence
  • Policy Brief n°3: Restoring Hope and Dignity to Young Pastoralists by Giving them a Central Role in the Resolution of Current Crises