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More than 250 applications for PeaceNexus Grants

April 14, 2014
April 14, 2014

In January 2014 PeaceNexus launched its first ‘Organisational Development’ call for proposals. By the application deadline in March PeaceNexus had received 250 expressions of interest submitted by peacebuilding organisations across the globe.

According toPeaceNexus director Anne Gloor, the “proposals show that peacebuilding organisations have crucial organisational development challenges but few resources to manage internal change.”
Funding is not the only limitation; many applicants remark that they appreciate PeaceNexus’ offer to play a supportive role in designing and accompanying their change process. External facilitators and experts are often of great help when it comes to identifying the change an organisation needs most, and how it can be initiated in a way that ultimately strengthens an organisations’ capacities and identity.

PeaceNexus staff and affiliated experts are currently assessing the proposals, scoring their relevance, their technical feasibility and their likelihood of success. In June, the PeaceNexus Board will be presented with a long list and recommendations on which organisational processes to fund and why. The successful applicants will be invited to develop a full proposal by the end of June.

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