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Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability (Serbia)

March 24, 2016
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    Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability
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The Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA) is a civil society organisation advocating for accountability of public officials, active citizenship and open institutions in Serbia. As a group of activists and journalists, CRTA engages both citizens and authorities, to promote accountability of government institutions and of people holding a public office – for example through monitoring their commitments and their work.Since 2009, CRTA specializes in empowering citizens to participate in political process, including – more recently – through election monitoring. Overall CRTA aims at establishing accountability as core democratic value in Serbian political culture and practice.

Due to different mandates and a fast changing context, CRTA has been grappling with questions on core strategy, management and governance. As a key player in the field of accountability, the organisation strives at applying the highest standards also to its own set-up and practice.

With Organisational Development support by PeaceNexus and the help of a senior OD consultant, CRTA has strengthened its governance by establishing a strong board, introduced and rolled out management by objectives standards and reinvented its strategy.

In a next step, PeaceNexus will assist CRTA in consolidating these organisational changes, and to ensure that the results achieved are sustainable and will serve CRTA with developing and acting upon long-term perspectives.

“The Peace Nexus organizational development support has helped us to recognize the strengths and weaknesses within our organization, and act upon them to truly empower our accountability work. Being a true partner and a critical friend within this process, the Peace Nexus team and its support have enabled us to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our advocacy efforts in the changing and often challenging political environment in Serbia.”

Vukosava Crnjanski, CRTA Director