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Grace To Heal (Zimbabwe)

January 26, 2015
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    Grace To Heal
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Grace To Heal (GTH) is a faith-based peacebuilding organisation working on trauma healing, mediation and conflict transformation at the grassroots level in the rural areas of Matabeleland in Zimbabwe.

Following the kick-off workshop with PeaceNexus in 2014, Grace to Heal identified three key areas of internal challenges to address in order to strengthen its impact: internal management with a particular focus on staff roles and responsibilities; strategy development; and organisational learning.

Grace to Heal staff started by an internal review of their human resource management and reviewed all job descriptions and their organigram. With PeaceNexus’ support, the organisation hired an external organisational development (OD) consultant to facilitate a participative workshop on strategy. The conclusions and recommendations were used by the staff to draft Grace to Heal strategic plan. The same consultant facilitated two organisational learning workshops which helped the staff reflect on its current monitoring practices and explore how to strengthen the sharing of experiences and lessons within the organisation, and externally with peers and partners. In the course of the OD process, Grace to Heal faced a difficult situation when its main donor withdrew from Zimbabwe. This resulted in the OD support being re-assigned to communication and fundraising.

Grace to Heal was able to secure a substantial multi-year grant from USAID for its peacebuilding programme – while being the only local NGO based in Matabeleland directly funded in this framework. The organisation is now able to use the results from the PeaceNexus OD process to establish strong internal management mechanisms and ensure that their organisational learning priorities are embedded in their new framework and inform how they implement, adapt and reflect on their work.

This process transformed a big part of our culture of doing things and as such, what was achieved is now becoming part of how we run the organisation. Whereas before our major focus was on programmes, we are now giving equal attention to organisational development and learning. This process allowed us to realise the importance of balancing the two. Throughout its support, PeaceNexus paid attention to our changing circumstances and allowed the reality on the ground to guide what needed to be done.”

Dumisani Ngwenya, Executive Director, Grace to Heal