PeaceNexus Foundation


May 2, 2018

Metamorphosis Foundation is a vocal Macedonian CSO with the mission of contributing to democracy and quality of life through innovative use of technology and sharing of knowledge. Through its programmes and media projects, Metamorphosis promotes citizen participation and inclusive governance. Metamorphosis also supports the development of other CSOs through its involvement in regional networks and initiatives.

Metamorphosis approached PeaceNexus with the challenge of their organisational size and scope having outgrown its current structure, management practice and governance. In initial meetings with PeaceNexus, the staff and board members of Metamorphosis reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of the current organisational set-up and discussed the implications of the quickly evolving context in Macedonia.

PeaceNexus is supporting Metamorphosis in revising organisational structures and managerial practices, and in developing a strategy that reflect Metamorphosis’ current size and ambitions. The partnership is entering a second phase that is focused on supporting Metamorphosis in implementing its agenda of internal change and refocusing its external impact.

“We are operating in a dynamic environment requiring our organization to adapt and change accordingly. We decided to start changing before we have to and the support of PeaceNexus is vital in this process. PN will help us develop a comprehensive organisational strategy that incorporates strong knowledge management, management and governance structures and procedures that will enable an efficient, effective and sustainable organisation.”

Bardhyl Jashari, Executive Director of Metamorphosis Foundation