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Supporting the UN Peacebuilding Fund – Kyrgyzstan

April 17, 2014
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    UN Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO)
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In 2013 PeaceNexus helped prepare Kyrgyzstan’s application to access UN Peacebuilding Funds.  It facilitated national consultations involving government, UN agencies, international community and civil society, to develop a needs assessment and a peacebuilding priority plan. This contributed to Kyrgyzstan attaining a three-year grant from the UN Peacebuilding Recovery Facility. It also supported the functioning of the Joint Steering Committee which is responsible for programming decisions.

In partnership with the UN System Staff Council, PeaceNexus also prepared and conducted training on peacebuilding programming for the UN Country Team. This helped improve the quality of project initiatives presented by UN agencies.

“PeaceNexus was involved since the beginning of the planning process to apply for PBF funds through the Peacebuilding Recovery Facility to address peacebuilding needs in Kyrgyzstan. PeaceNexus provided advanced consultancy support during the process of formulation of the Peacebuilding Needs Assessment that can be considered as the only comprehensive and participatory analysis, which was recently undertaken in the country. It became a reference document, not only for the development of the Peacebuilding Priority Plan but also for national and international stakeholders who use it. PeaceNexus also helped to raise capacities of key stakeholders both national and the UN through organizing trainings and round table discussions. This was essential for further productive development of proposals and close engagement of UN Country team and members of the Joint Steering Committee in this process”.

Alexander Avenessov, UN Resident Coordinator, The Kyrgyz Republic