PeaceNexus Foundation

TRIAL International

May 2, 2018

Started by a few lawyers working pro bono, TRIAL International now provides legal assistance to hundreds of victims, litigating cases at the national and international levels, developing  local capacity and pushing the human rights agenda forward in numerous countries and conflit or post-conflict situations. The organisation has field offices in Bosnia, Nepal and the DRC. It has triggered and contributed to an impressive number of prosecutions of international crimes, has secured reparations for victims of such crimes, has obtained groundbreaking legal decisions and legislative changes. The obligation to hold accountable the perpetrators of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, torture and enforced disappearance, together with the opportunity for victims to obtain justice and reparation, will help to reduce the commission of these crimes. It is an essential component of most transition to peace.

TRIAL International requested help in re-thinking its current structure and internal systems. The very rapid growth experienced by the organisation required a comprehensive review to ensure the organisation continues to adequately support its activities and staff while delivering on its ambitious mission. Based on this review and in close collaboration with the Board, a transition plan is now being developed and will be implemented in the coming months with the support of an external consultant.

 «Restructuring the organisation to prepare it for the next phase of growth, while at the same time continuing to implement its numerous activities, is a challenge that we would have had difficulties to meet by ourselves. PeaceNexus understands that we alone are the agents of our own changes and improvements. But they provide a crucial piece of the puzzle, not only in the form of funding, but also in the expertise and guidance they offer. Crucially, their presence is felt all along the way as a voice reminding us that if change might indeed be complicated, it is nonetheless achievable within the framework of a sound and reasonable partnership worked out together.»

Philip Grant, Executive Director