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Voices in the Vision for Africa (Zimbabwe)

March 24, 2016
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    Voices in the Vision for Africa
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Voices in the Vision for Africa (VIVA) is a youth-led civil society organisation which aims to engage young people on Zimbabwe’s peace and nation building processes.  VIVA is the convener and secretariat of the Joint Youth Working Group (JOWOG), a unique platform that brings together youth wing representatives of the different political parties, youth of different communities, civil society and students, to enable action oriented dialogue and joint development initiatives.

With the help of PeaceNexus Organisational Development (OD) support, VIVA reviewed its operational focus, positioning and role in supporting the joint work and exchange among JOWOG members. Being a small team entrusted with many responsibilities, VIVA was able to work with two external consultants to facilitate this OD process. An initial context analysis workshop enabled VIVA to interrogate the current context regarding youth issues in Zimbabwe with its members and partners, which helped clarify its niche, its key entry points for action and its best positioning in order to contribute to the national peace agenda. VIVA then also reviewed its internal functioning and capacities, and developed measures for strengthening them. On that basis, VIVA was able to adapt the strategy and policies guiding its work and that of the JOWOG network. Regular meetings with the Board and with the member organisations helped to constantly consult their key constituencies on the choices made and the direction to take.