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March 24, 2016
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    International, International, headquarters in the Netherlands

ZOA is a leading international relief and recovery organisation supporting communities affected by violent conflicts and natural disasters in fragile states. It currently operates in more than 15 countries and is most active in insecure and volatile regions.

Beyond its long-standing commitment to Do No Harm and conflict sensitivity, ZOA is also striving to increase its contribution to peacebuilding goals in relevant contexts. It included peacebuilding as a full sector of intervention for the first time in its 2015-2018 strategic plan. The challenge was then to identify how to best act upon this increased commitment and make it work in practice.

With PeaceNexus support, the ZOA team was able to identify and hire an external expert to facilitate and support key events and steps of the planned process. Through two international workshops, all ZOA country offices were able to meet and exchange on their experiences related to working in conflict contexts and learn about specific approaches to context analysis and peacebuilding programming. They developed country plans to further develop ZOA’s peacebuilding work in specific contexts and benefitted from the support of internal and external experts to assist them around targeted requests. Resulting from those efforts, internal awareness towards what peacebuilding entails for ZOA has increased. The organisation has now developed solid internal tools and guidance to help country offices be more systematic in how they analyse the conflict contexts in which they operate and identify how they can best contribute to peacebuilding.

After a review of achievements, lessons learnt and remaining challenges, ZOA is committed to pursuing its efforts to achieve its objectives on peacebuilding.

ZOA appreciates the support of PeaceNexus as it is one of the few organisations focusing on organisational development in the field of peacebuilding. The role of PeaceNexus goes far beyond only financial support, the Peace Nexus staff helps us to reflect critically on the organisational development process and gives good suggestions based on extensive experience with other organisations.”

Corita Corbijn, Peacebuilding Advisor, ZOA