Organisational Development and Peacebuilding

PeaceNexus Practice Paper: To mark our tenth anniversary, PeaceNexus has published this first Practice Paper on organisational development and peacebuilding. We believe that organisational development is crucial to increasing the effectiveness of peacebuilding work. PeaceNexus has provided support in the development of a new organisational strategy to more than 30 peace actors since the foundation’s inception in 2009.  In this Practice Paper, we aim to share what our partners have learned, including what they wished they had known at the onset of their strategy process. Our hope is that other organisations, in peacebuilding and beyond, will find it a useful reference. Please find here also the French and Russian version of the Practice Paper.

Guidance Note on PBF Cross-border and Regional Programmes

PeaceNexus has supported the United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office in publishing a guidance note on the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund cross-border and regional programmes. The guidance contains recommendations on how to develop and implement cross-border projects.

United Nations Peacebuilding Fund Guidance Note

This guidance note is on how the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund can strengthen its project monitoring and implementation through direct feedback from communities.

Youth Consultations on Peace and Security: Findings from Focus Group Discussions and Individual Interviews Including Hard to Reach Youth in Niger

PeaceNexus supported Search for Common Ground, in collaboration with the Government of Niger, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Haute Autorité à la Consolidatin de la Paix, in the development of this narrative research report on Youth consultations on Peace and Security. The report informed the United Nations Secretary-General’s Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security and the Implementation of the Security Council Resolution 2250.

2018 Independent Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security

Youth study: PeaceNexus was member of the Steering Committee and provided financial support for the 2018 Independent Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security. This study was requested by the Secretary-General of the United Nations in response to the Security Council resolution 2250.

2017 Youth study in Kyrgyzstan

Youth study: In 2017, we supported the development of a study on Youth, Peace and Security in Kyrgyzstan which contributed to the Progress Study on Youth Peace and Security mandated by UNSCR 2250.

2016 Youth study: Practice Note

Youth study: In 2016, we supported the development of a Practice Note by the UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development working group on youth and peacebuilding.