Why we work on Organisational Development

In an ever-more fragmented and polarised world, organisations working towards social cohesion and conflict resolution are increasingly relevant. At the same time, the growing expectations of stakeholders and donors, combined with more complex and volatile circumstances, create numerous challenges that can stand in the way of organisational impact.

How we work with Organisational Development

Our Organisational Development service offer has the objective of enabling organisations that have peacebuilding at the core of their mission to become more effective and achieve higher impact, ­­whether they are a multilateral, a governmental ­or a civil society actor.

In this area, we strengthen our partners’ ability to:

  • Analyse the context(s) they work in
  • Clarify their own role, positioning and strategic priorities
  • Strengthen their governance and build constituencies in their context
  • Translate strategic priorities into programmes, action plans or advocacy approaches
  • Adapt their internal processes and/or organisational model to achieve more impact
  • Develop strategic partnerships and stronger coalitions including at the community level
  • Embed monitoring and learning into organisational practice
  • Build the capacities of staff accordingly

What makes our Organisational Development support distinct:

  • It is designed as a change process, with clear objectives and progress indicators
  • It is a participatory process, driven by our partners and informed by their needs
  • It enables our partners to draw on external expertise
  • We play an accompanying role throughout, providing feedback and support as our partners go through the inevitable ups and downs of organisational change
  • Our flexible approach allows our partners to integrate the lessons learned and adapt to new developments
  • We help our partners ground their organisational change in the context(s) in which they operate

Results of our Organisational Development support

Over the past decade we have supported more than 30 partners on their organisational development: civil society organisations, international non-governmental organisations, multilateral and regional organisations, governmental institutions and networks.

Our 2018 partner survey showed that as a result, organisations managed to increase their impact by anticipating context changes and responding with strategic choices, organisational reforms and adaptation of organisational practice.

Learn more about our Organisational Development support

Only entities with a mission or mandate to directly contribute to peacebuilding, social cohesion and conflict resolution are eligible for our Organisational Development support.

We run a Call for Proposals (next open in early 2020), through which civil society organisations from our focus regions and international NGOs with operations in at least five countries globally can apply for our Organisational Development support. Information on the next Call for Proposals round can be found here.

Government entities and multilateral organisations interested in this type of support are invited to contact Carole Frampton directly. If required, our support can remain confidential.

Organisations that work in conflict-prone contexts but have a broader mission are kindly invited to consider our Conflict Sensitivity service offer.