PeaceNexus is a Swiss private foundation that aims to strengthen the capacities of and collaboration between organisations to increase their contribution to reducing violence and building peace.

Based across Switzerland, West Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia and the Western Balkans, our team of 20 works with local partners who are well positioned to address specific conflict risks. We also support international organisations that are active in fragile states and are well positioned to contribute to social cohesion and peacebuilding, by supporting local initiatives or by shaping national and international policy.


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Our Funding

Set up in 2009, PeaceNexus is supported by a single endowment received from the visionary Swiss philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss. Our endowment is invested in line with the UN Principles of Responsible Investment.

The investments we make are also in line with our mission. We firmly believe, and have shown over the past ten years, that setting ethical and responsible investment guidelines can deliver positive financial performance. We monitor our investments closely and hold our asset managers to account for the implementation of our responsible investment guidelines.

With our investments we aim to:

  • Provide financial resources for PeaceNexus’ activities
  • Invest in companies which contribute to realising our vision and mission
  • Encourage companies we invest in to be conscious of their peacebuilding impact, and to act in an ethical and socially responsible way

Find out more about our mission-aligned investment strategy.