Our Annual Reports

You can find all of our Annual Reports available for download through the links below, and the Executive Summary of our 2018-2020 Strategy here. Learn more about our history here.

Annual Report 2018 (new)
Annual Report 2017
Annual Report 2016
Annual Report 2015
Annual Report 2014
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Annual Report 2010

Partner Survey

We commissioned a comprehensive Partner Survey in 2018, so that we can learn from our partners’ experiences with our support. Please find the questions and results here.


Please find here an executive summary of PeaceNexus’ Strategy 2018 – 2020.

Resources produced with PeaceNexus partners

Organisational Development Resources

Youth study: PeaceNexus was member of the Steering Committee and provided financial support for the 2018 Independent Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security. This study was requested by the Secretary-General of the United Nations in response to the Security Council resolution 2250.

Youth study: In 2017, we supported the development of a study on Youth, Peace and Security in Kyrgyzstan which contributed to the Progress Study on Youth Peace and Security mandated by UNSCR 2250.

Youth study: In 2016, we supported the development of a Practice Note by the UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development working group on youth and peacebuilding.

Conflict Sensitivity Resources

Framework on Social Cohesion and Peace: Together with PeaceNexus’ support, OCADES Burkina Faso has published a Framework on Social Cohesion and Peace (in French).

Mining Guidebook: We supported the State Committee of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources of the Kyrgyz Republic to produce the Guidebook for Conflict Management in the Mining Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Leadership in complex markets: We supported the International Council of Swedish Industry 2014/15 in developing an Introductory Guide for Managers in Fragile Environments.

Mission Zhobia: We initiated and formed a consortium of international peacebuilding institutions in August 2013 and built jointly a web-based game, which immerse professionals in a virtual peacebuilding scenario. Please find the game here.