What is PeaceNexus? How do we work? Find it out in this introduction video!

Organisational Development

If you have been wondering how we use organisational development to support peacebuilding organisations – this video is for you!

Conflict Sensitivity

How we work with Conflict Sensitivity Civil society, governmental institutions and business – all these actors can have a high impact in fragile and conflict-affected contexts. In this video, we show how we use conflict sensitivity to help those actors better understand the context they are working in and improve their practices accordingly.

Business Engagement

Why we work on Business Engagement Economic development can be a key driver of prosperity and peace in fragile regions. At the same time, conflict between business and community can also exacerbate social tensions. This video explains how we are addressing this issue.  

Central Asia

Our work in Central Asia In Central Asia, our regional office works towards regional cooperation, social cohesion and conflict sensitive business practice. If you want to know how we bring more peacebuilding to the work of our partners in Central Asia – this video is for you!

West Africa

Our work in West Africa Since 2014, PeaceNexus is active in West Africa, and since 2017 we focus our work on Burkina Faso, Niger and Senegal. This video gives you an overview on our work in the region and how we collaborate with our West African partner organisations.

Western Balkans

Our work in the Western Balkans Our partners in the Western Balkans counter the trends of ethnic fragmentation and mobilise support for inclusive development, reconciliation and regional exchange. Watch this video and learn how we support them to become even stronger peacebuilding actors in the region.

Cadmos Peace Investment Fund

An Investment Fund for Peace In 2018 PeaceNexus and the Swiss asset management firm de Pury Pictet Turrettini launched the Peace Investment Fund. How the Fund contributes to peace? Find it out here.

UN in Kyrgyzstan

Our partnership with the UN in Kyrgyzstan PeaceNexus has been supporting the UN Country Team in the Kyrgyz Republic since 2013. What results have been achieved? This video will give you the answer.


Our partnership with the International Debate Education Association in Central Asia How looks organisational development support in practice? Here is the example of PeaceNexus’ collaboration with IDEA, a youth-led organisation working with young people in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. 


PeaceNexus’ support to Mutakalim How can organisational development help an Islamic women organization to strengthen its role in promoting and protecting Muslim women’s rights? This video gives an overview on our work with Mutakalim, an organisation working allover in Kyrgyzstan.

Mreza Mira

How we support a Network for Building Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina “PeaceNexus has pushed us beyond our limits and asked the right questions – even though we didn’t like these questions at the beginning”, says the director of Mreza Mira. Learn more about our work with the Network for Building Peace in this video. 

Nansen Dialogue Centre

Strengthening an organisation that brings children from different ethnic backgrounds together Since 2017 PeaceNexus supports the Nansen Dialogue Centre Mostar. Find out in this video, why PeaceNexus is seen by our partner as integral part of their organisation.

SOS Civisme


Our work with the High Authority for the Consolidation of Peace HACP has played a crucial role in the implementation of different peace processes in Niger since 1995. PeaceNexus’ partnership with this governmental institution aims to consolidate peace and stability in this country affected by multiple conflicts. Watch here how we proceed!


PeaceNexus Anniversary

To celebrate our anniversary, we did a video with some of our partner organisations in three of our focus regions. We are looking forward to the years to come!